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The JLPT N3 Grammar quiz is a Japanese quiz designed to test your grammar knowledge at the JLPT N3 level

This quiz has questions testing your knowledge of Japanese particles, verb conjugation, adjectives, adverbs, and more and the JLPT N3 level.

JLPT N3 Grammar questions are influenced from textbooks like Minna no Nihongo, Matome, online JLPT N3 grammar sites, the official JLPT N3 Grammar example practice questions, and more.

Too hard? JLPT N4 Grammar.

Too easy? JLPT N2 Grammar.

Note: if are a wizard at N3 grammar and see an incorrect question, please click the "flag" next to the question to notify our admin. We only want high-quality questions at JPDrills.

People usually get 65% on this quiz. What about you?

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