Core Belief

The internet is filled with great Japanese grammar articles and vocabulary lists but there aren't many free online tools to help Japanese learners bridge the gap between passively consuming articles and actively applying that knowledge. JPDrills would like to help. We seek to provide high quality Japanese practice tools in an easy-to-use manner that is both visually appealing and practical to use.

Statistics and Insights

JPDrills believes in recognizing personal growth; and you can't recognize growth if you can't measure progress! Unlike other practice sites, JPDrills has spent considerable efforts to keep track of personal progress. JPDrills users enjoy a custom bi-weekly Personal Insights email, a member profile with personalized breakdown of their practice stats, individualized quizzes that choose questions based on your past answers, and Japanese flashcards that automatically increase or decrease in difficulty based on your answers!

JPDrills Success

With over 8,000 Japanese test questions and countless flashcards being attempted every single month, we're proud and grateful to have come this far in helping Japanese learners practice Japanese. The numbers show that JPDrills is succeeding at our goal of providing easy-to-use online Japanese practice tools to Japanese learners who want to practice. Thank you for your support in our journey together!