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Yes, there is a way. If you'd like to receive a full , you won't receive ads. We understand it can get annoying, but we're no different than large sites as big as Forbes and the New York Times except, well, we're not that large.

We update JPDrills online Japanese quiz almost daily or at the maximum, weekly. It may be a design improvement, increasing the number of questions of a Japanese quiz, to giving some more explanations to the answers. If you'd like to stay updated, we regularly post mini-updates on our twitter @JPDrills and larger updates in our weekly-biweekly email newsletter that you'll receive if you're a member.

If you aren't logged in, questions are chosen randomly. If you're logged in, questions are chosen based on the results of your past answers.

In JPDrills' Japanese quiz algorithm v1.0, "new questions" (questions that you haven't answered before) are displayed first for the aim of giving a cursory overview. For any given Japanese practice quiz, after you've answered all questions at least once your quizzes will then prioritize questions that you need to review. Japanese questions that need review are those that you haven't practiced for a while and those that you've answered incorrectly the most times in the past.

In this way, our Japanese practice quizzes are specially catered to each individual.

We just recently added this feature. We will slowly add answers over time for the most popular and most difficult questions. If you ever have a question you'd like prioritized, let us know!

JPDrills has somehow amassed 6500+ questions in less than a year with just a couple of people here at JPDrills *cough* *cough* just me *cough*. That being said, we recognize that for practicing a language, you can never have enough practice!

Back when JPDrills was 100% free we implemented a feature at JPDrills that allowed everyone to submit questions to JPDrills. They'd be moderated and included in our quizzes if they passed. We'd be able to grow JPDrills together and everyone could benefit! The increased traffic would allow for ad revenue alone to fund the basic costs of JPDrills. Everything was set! However, the sad truth is that no one submitted anything. At that time we averaged thousands of monthly visitors actively practicing quizzes and hoped that 1% might add a sentence. But it didn't happen! This was super surprising to us because we trusted the Japanese learning community to contribute and for those of us more learned of Japanese, we hoped they'd reach out and help those just starting out. But, it turned out to be what is known as the tragedy of the commons where no one contributed.

Because we had spent 1000's of hours developing and designing up to that point, the lack of community collaboration ultimately led us to making JPDrills a paid membership site. We kept the submission form up and running for all the good samaritans out there (see here). In the future we'd like to develop some sort of incentive for submitting questions that might give temporary membership benefits but we currently have competing priorities that are being focused on first.

But, we always appreciate a personalized message from our users! So feel free to contact us and tell us which quiz you'd like more questions for. If you want to provide questions for it yourself then we might be able to offer you free membership for a limited time for your contribution! Contact us to discuss the details!

They are custom made by JPDrills using Japanese anime scripts. We use a process called frequency analysis to compile a list of the most used words in the anime series. From this list we select words that are characteristic of the vocabulary from the anime itself. For example, for a magic-related anime we ignore words like これ,食べる,あの,です,etc. and include vocabulary associated with magic like 魔法 and 魔導.

The motivation behind the anime decks is to enable ourselves to make use of the time watching anime. By studying an anime's vocabulary before watching it, we can pick up more of the Japanese grammar and context because we know the vocabulary. Only after we know the vocabulary used can we truly master grammar and use it in our own lives. This is a tip learned from polygots and from living in Japan studying in an intensive Japanese program.

Simply put, we do not approve poor quality questions that are submitted. After submission, the question sits in a moderation area waiting for us to attend to it. They do not go directly to the quizzes. JPDrills is focused on the Japanese learner. There's a famous saying of "garbage in, garbage out". It means that if JPDrills lets "garbage" questions into its quizzes, users cannot trust the questions. For a site like JPDrills, trust in the content, the quizzes, is very important. JPDrills will not sacrifice that trust by allowing poor questions into it's database. That being said, we encourage all to submit questions!

JPDrills loves to accept ideas for new quizzes via the site's contact page. We're very careful and try our best to only have quizzes that are distinct from other quizzes and that would merrit having many different types of questions under its theme.

Yes, if you are one of the awesome people who suggest Japanese questions to the quiz bank, the site credits your account with that add. We're open to ideas on what to do with this, but as of yet, not many people suggest questions so it isn't a high priority.

No, never. Please see the site's privacy policy for details. If you don't want to read it then please be assured that we do not sell or disclose your quiz history to any 3rd party, nor will we ever. JPDrills takes privacy of the site's users very seriously. The site records your quiz answers to create a personalized experience for Japanese learners practicing on the site and to help us determine what to expand next.

Spectacular question! The short answer is that the user base of JPDrills is, unsurprisingly, mostly beginner level Japanese users. You can imagine the quantity of Japanese learners to be like a pyriamid where N1 is at the top and N5 and below is the base. Not many people are able to get to your level of awesomeness in the world of intermediate Japanese and up. Because we're Japanese learners ourselves, we totally understand the struggle and frustration of limited quality resources out there to practice when you're not a beginner anymore. We also believe that being at the top also merits responsibility to help those at the bottom climb faster.

But we don't expect you to do this for free.

If you'd like to contribute to JPDrills' quiz bank, then please get in touch! We're willing to give you free membership for a limited time based on the amount you contribute! Think around 50 mistake-free, quality questions, for 1 month membership. We hope to hear from you.

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