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You know those guys who ace their tests and speak Japanese confidently? That could be you. All you need is to emulate them. You know what they say, hang out with the best to become like them. Find, organize, and constantly prepare fresh material for yourself to practice every single day, like the pros do. Easy right? Not so fast. You'll quickly find that you'll run out of material because of your awesome diligence and consistent practice. No problem right? Just spend more time to find fresh material. But wait, I see some of you thinking "wouldn't all that time spent finding practice material be better spent...actually practicing?". Yes! Don't you wish you had a ton of material already prepared so that you could jump in and practice when your motivation is fresh? That's the problem JPDrills solves. If you need that instant Japanese practice material because you really just want to spend your time practicing instead of endlessly looking for the most efficient Japanese study method, purchase JPDrills membership. But wait Ben (that's me), I learn while I make my flashcards! Yes, but I guarantee you learn more by practicing during that time making flashcards. What're you waiting for? Purchase JPDrills membership to get unlimited access to JPDrills practice with no ads!



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